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    The Murder Of Charles And Jennifer Chia

    Charles, age 8, and Jennifer, age 6, Chia exited their school bus near their residence at the Timber Hills apartment complex in Southwest Reno, Nevada at approximately 3:20 PM on October 18th, 1989. After exiting the bus they walked across the street with a friend and were last seen walking toward their apartment. On July 25, 1990 the skeletal remains of Charles and Jennifer Chia were discovered in a shallow grave next to Highway 70 in Plumas County, California, which is approximately 50 miles from Reno, Nevada. Charles Chia had black hair and was wearing a long-sleeve white shirt, a blue pullover, blue jeans and was carrying a dark blue and red backpack. Jennifer Chia also had black hair and was wearing a white dress with black dots, white socks, light green shoes and was carrying both a blue tote bag and a "Miss Piggy" lunch pail.

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